Weekly Design Tips

Did You Know Lights Have A Temperature?

Being An Interior Designer, I always get that one question from everyone….


It’s a lot easier than you think. Interior Designers use a number of principals which fall into the psychological category of our profession. We use feeling and emotion to design spaces for our clients. We do this through our knowledge of scale, color, and even lighting. Lighting is one of the the most Important, in my option. Having the right lighting can make or break a room. This is one of the main reasons why most of my clients have a problem making their spaces look identical to their Pinterest inspiration photo. There isn’t just one temperature or color that everyone has as a “Go To”. It all depends on how the clients want the room to feel or look.

This is a very complex topic. There are even specialty interior designers who focus just on lighting.

This article by Life Hacker will help have a better understanding of lighting temperatures. Here are a few examples of how lighting and change a room.

This is an example of different lighting temperatures in one area.

This is an example of different lighting temperatures in one area.

The different in using different kelvins. Left: 3,000 K; Right: 2,500 K

The different in using different kelvins. Left: 3,000 K; Right: 2,500 K

Trending in 2019

In 2018 the colors and styles of furniture have seem to fit well in the 50’s with their pastel colors and classic design. 2019 is looking more in the direction of deeper and brighter colors, glass and more glass, along with ceramics from you mother’s house. Those nasty green and mustard yellows are fighting their way back in to our homes. Deeper jewel toned decor will be the front runners of all new designs according to Helena Barguet and Fabiana Faria, owners of New York City design shop Coming Soon..

“Pastels will take a back seat to deeper, darker jewel tones in 2019. Pastels have been so prevalent, and these days we’re seeing that richer colors are getting more interest when it comes to home accessories”

Seeing some fun deeper colors this year is just what we need. I feel people are getting tired of the cold, sterile white rooms. People want to show their personality in other ways in their clothing. We have found a few interiors of what we’re talking about!

Deeper Jeweled interiors

Color Glass Lighting

It's a Tile Party

This year has been extremely crazy for Studio R & my personal life as well. My Fiance and I decided to downsize our lives. We felt we had too much “stuff” so we bought a tiny home! At first it felt like I was making a huge mistake, but after really thinking about it we knew it was the best decision we could have ever made! I knew I had to get rid of the majority of my samples. It was hard, but after giving many away to other designers, and sending some back to their original owners I felt a sense of relief. About a week ago I received an unexpected package in the mail and it made my day. Fireclay tile sent me a complete set of tiles. After getting rid of 1000’s of tile samples I didn’t need to start adding back to my collection, but I made an exception to keep them! Here are some samples of what Fireclay sent me.

  1. Hand Painted

2. Matte Glass

3. Brick

It's Going To Look A lot Like Black Christmas

Here is a little inspiration for all the dark Christmas doers out there. Not all of us are all about the green and red, including myself. I have found CB2 is killing it this holiday season with their black decor! Here are of a few of my favorites, enjoy!

Green For DAAAYZZ!

Bold colors have started showing their faces in kitchens through the tile, paint, and our favorite, CABINETS! Using color is a bold way to complement any space. Green seems to be the color people are most afraid of when it's actually one of the calmest colors to use. Being on the cooler side of the color wheel, no pun attended, green gives the space a calm and collective feel. Going a bit darker shows a great deal of sophistication when styling with classy brass or steel hardware. Using in small amounts can juxtapose any modern or transitional space with overall cleanliness while leaving a statement. These loud kitchens will be around for a while but will soon fade as every other trend.

Here are a few kitchens using green to make your edgy dreams come true. 

  Photo Credit: Top to Bottom; Studio McGee, Becki Owen, Sarah Gibson, Camille Styles

Paint Colors of the Week!

Dark colors are here  to stay! These phenomenal colors will  transition any space into a nice cool place to hang out, and be comfortable!  We see more, and more homes getting a full black makeover, and we are perfectly fine with it.

Here are a few of our favorite dark colors and how we say to HELL with white! 

Dark for the Win.png

Paint Colors of the Week!

Paint color is an essential part of a home refresher and remodel. It can be the cheapest solution for making your home new again. We're excited to announce our weekly blog post about color, and what it means to us! Color is a wonderful way to express one's self or spruce up your space and make it ascetically pleasing 


We are starting with the color that has replaced the boring beige that builders turn towards. Gray gives your space a modern look that fits in any style of home. While gray is becoming more common, it has been a color of the background of our everyday life. 

Here are our favorite grays that we use on the daily. 

Paint Picks of the Week.jpg