What you need to know before hiring an Interior Designer.

Some clients have told me they have had bad experiences with Interior Designers or it's their first time using a professional. In all professions, this is always a fear, it's expected. You should treat us as a doctor. Would you just go to any doctor? A remodel, or even a refresher can be a time-consuming process from the start. Finding a qualified professional isn't as hard as you would think. Always educate yourself on the profession and understand the wants and needs before starting a project, believe me, it will save you money. 

I've received many questions and thought I would write a blog post about what you need to know before hiring a design professional. I will go over the dos & don'ts as well as what to look for. 

Here are ten things that you should know before working with a designer. 

  1. We are experts at what we do, so trust us. We know what you want and need for your lifestyle through the number of meetings that you have, and we are here for you. Interior design is a profession and not a “hobby.” We take that seriously. 
  2. Interview some designer before selecting one. Remember designers designer will always charge a fee to consult with you. I recommend that you should interview a total of 3 designers and find the one that fits your personal and you feel that most comfortable with.
  3. There is a difference between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator. Interior Designers are licensed professionals who manage projects involving construction and architecture. Interior Decorators make aesthetic improvements, but don’t make any structural changes to space. Do your research and ensure you are getting the right person with the proper knowledge, it will make things run more smoothly.
  4. Tell us EVERYTHING!! We want to know every little idea, inspiration, feeling, and don’ts that you have on your mind. When we understand what you want and don’t want we can design a well-planned space.
  5. Let us take control of your project. We will find the contractors and subs. We have a vast network on them that have been vetted to fit our clients. I mean you are paying us to these things anyway. 
  6. Since we are finding the trades let us manage them for you. Take a step back and let us take on the stress and worries of your project. We know what you want and probably do you better than you know yourself. We got your back. 
  7. Don’t shop for your designer. We take a lot of time on finding the right things to fit your space is all ways. We are getting a price, and we like to pass some of it on to you. Remember you are paying us to do these things, so why are you doing them?
  8. We cant tell you all of our secrets. You hired us for that, and we will make the magic happen. Just watch, and see. 
  9. Don’t tie us down. Tell us what your style and preferences and let us take it from there. You might be afraid of being creative, and that is fine, but we aren’t, and that is in your favor. 
  10. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!!! Make the best of it. We are fun and like to make the best of it and to make sure that you have the best experience. Believe me, when you get excited about a tile or light we are screaming like a fangirl inside. 

Now get yourself a designer and make things happen!!