F**k Chrome

Our friendly material for every bathroom, kitchen, well hell your whole house, has turned against us.  We have fallen into the traps of "nasty" trends of mixed metals and low-grade builder approvals...CHROME. Yes, that's right chrome is showed its faces as the go-to metal for all interiors and that is not ok. The home builders, "sent from God" material is no longer a metal for homes of tomorrow. These trends from the early 2000's have been legering around wasted homeowners money. While it seems to be a "safe-move" when designing (with it's lower end price point and simple aesthetic) it beats the purpose of giving your home a new look and fresh feel. Although this finish is liked by some, I fully support their choice of a selection that makes any homeowner comfortable in their own space. While the finish may be a number one pick in cases, there are other fresh sophisticated, and pleasing metals that can be used to give you the same look. Here are three of our favorites which are sexier than the "old biker" metal.

1. Oh My! Brushed Nickel

As I like to call it, "The sexy younger brother of chrome" has made its place in the home that leads more to a traditional /transitional style. Standing boldly with elegant hues of stainless steel, but showing a little bit of leg with gold undertones. 

Think of brush nickel as the high school jock you wanted to date, but never made up your mind if you were going to ask him out, or his brother chrome. ( Sorry this got a little bit personal) 

2. Holy Graphite!!

Holy Graphite!! is what we say everytime we spec this product for a client. The simple lines, masculine feel, and the bold statement makes this fairly new metal a heartthrob in all eyes, especially the fellas. Introducing such dark heavy metals in a space can scare even the strong-willed of us. The Modernist line from Dacor gives us a reason to slap our momma in the face, but your ass knows better! We see this metal sticking around for a while and even being "fondled" by many.  

Go ahead and close your mouth, we completely understand your sense of aw. 

3. Its all about the Brass!

I know what are you probably thinking, "Brass...the stuff that my grandmother had in the 80's." Brass made quite the comeback a few years back. Giving a vintage vibe to a modern home, brass puts the sexy back into metals. Mostly used in Mid-Century modern homes, brass can be placed through hardware on cabinets, used for faucets in both kitchens and bathrooms, and also being spotted as detail goose eggs in wood furniture. I like to call brass the women's metal that fits all too well in the men's interior department.